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To thrive you must find the courage to feel,

 and the determination to love


If life has challenged you beyond your ability to cope, if you are dealing with high stress, anxiety, depression, or a major life transition; if you are seeking direction, relationship support, answers in a current storm, or authentic connection ...

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My Story

I was born in Eastern Europe and became a political refugee in 1990. This experience among many led to a passionate and honest exploration of human suffering. I have spent my life peering deeply into the nature of crisis and adversity and utilize a multidisciplinary approach to alleviating trauma-born reactive patterns and conflict.


Answering an early life call to be a source of comfort and healing for others while overcoming my own challenges and pain, has culminated into restoration methods I have both learned and developed for the past twenty years, and now wholeheartedly trust and offer. My goals are not only to facilitate healing in your life but to also offer you empowering internal frameworks that last a lifetime. I work from an undeniable knowing that you are here to live a free, thriving and fulfilling life. 


                             “The biggest reason for our existence is to feel the rapture of being alive.”

                                                                                     LEBO GRAND

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Using LRH© advanced energy healing techniques, intuitive insight, movement, vibrational & sound tuning forks therapy, these sessions are designed to facilitate healing on any & all levels, while attuning you to subtler innate intelligence



These sessions are for individuals & couples & apply the QSL-HEAL© method for resolving and healing trauma/conflict/reactivity, along with humanistic & transpersonal, cross-culturally sensitive interventions



Learn QSL-HEAL© methodology & support yourself & your community! These trainings are for individuals & groups ( 9 weeks long ). You can also choose to help empower others & join the Train-The-Trainer program ( 9 months long ). Let's bring these to schools around the world ! 




"Andreea Petruse is made of a type of high-integrity love that instantly soothes and primes her clients to allow healing to happen.  I am always stunned by the simple and profound wisdoms she shares, helping me leave fear states to enter joy states.  Additionally, since Andreea is herself a survivor of trauma, her ability to work with trauma is exemplary.  I highly recommend any opportunity you may have to work with her!"

R. S. Lieberman, Cultural Anthropologist, Author, & Communication Consultant

To schedule a free 15 min discovery call, or book an appointment, please use this contact form or call (805) 390-8387



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