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About My Work

Disease: “A loss of adaptive flexibility within a system.”

Suffering: “Subjective distress generated by the experience of being out of balance.”

Healing: “The movement toward wholeness and balance.”

Healer: “An agent that supports the movement of the system toward wholeness.”

Health: “The manifestation of optimum balance and connection within and across systems.” 

 James D. Duffy, MD

I believe in our biological and social systems' interconnectedness along with their innate capacity to heal or regain balance when supported and empowered to do so. In the chaos of today's world, we serve ourselves, our communities, and our planet best by learning the tools that stop the cycle of conflict and violence from the inside out (for that is where it all begins). I am a co-founder of the IOLEE® method ( for resolving trauma, conflict, and reactivity patterns. IOLEE facilitates greater self-awareness and resilience, along with both personal and relational wellbeing. Once learned, it supports the learner with internal tools to use in any challenge.

My Background 


I have a Master in organizational systems (2014) with a focus on sustainability through pedagogical application, a Bachelor cum laude in cultural anthropology (2003), and over twenty years of studies in transpersonal & humanistic psychology,  training in trauma & crisis resolution, developing education theory, and philosophy


I am an actively practicing, certified LRH® Energy Healing Practitioner (2005). 


I specialize in IOLEE® based trauma & conflict resolution for individuals, couples, and groups; existential & spiritual crises; issues of belonging & communication across cultural & sub-cultural barriers ; and strengthening an authentic connection to one's self, others, & life 

“To heal is to touch with love that which was previously touched by fear.”                                                              STEPHEN LEVINE

Yoga at Home

Who I Help

Individuals, Couples, Groups

How I Do It

60-90 Minute In Person or Online Sessions & Group Based Weekly Trainings

How You Might Benefit

Experience an increasingly more authentic, freer, resilient, enjoyable & content life. End chronic, unconscious emotional reactivity & emotionally caused physiological discomfort. Move out of co-dependent, maladaptive coping towards a self-reliant, self- sustaining, and healthy inter-relational state.  

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