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About My Work

I specialize in trauma-informed, experiential somatic therapy and conflict resolution for individuals, couples, and groups.  Specifically: challenging life transitions and identity crises; high anxiety, apathy, and depression; adverse childhood experiences; existential and spiritual concerns; issues of belonging and communication across cultural and sub-cultural barriers; relationship concerns; and challenges in experiencing an authentic connection to yourself, others, & your life. I sincerely root for LOVE in every form and help you find it.

Therapy sessions utilize traditional approaches but emphasize transpersonal and humanistic psychology, somatic therapy, cultural sensitivity, crisis resolution, and organismic systems thinking. I am actively engaged in the therapy process. Although I listen attentively, I do not do so passively. I ask questions, attune to emotions and subtle dynamics playing out in the session, as well as offer alternative perspectives and insights when appropriate.

 I believe in our biological and social systems' interconnectedness along with their innate capacity to heal or regain balance when supported and empowered to do so. In the chaos of today's world, we serve ourselves, our communities, and our planet best by learning the tools that stop the cycle of violence from the inside out (for that is where it all begins). I am also co-founder of the QSL® method for resolving trauma, conflict, and reactivity patterns. QSL or Quantum Social Learning is rooted in ancient Ayurvedic psychology but has traversed modern multidisciplinary lenses. Once learned, it supports the learner with internal tools to use in any challenge. I love teaching it to my clients with the goal of their empowerment and healing, and the expectation of their moving on from therapy over time, towards understanding and befriending themselves, and deeply trusting their own self-guidance.

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               “To heal is to touch with love that which was previously touched by fear.”                


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Who I Help

Individuals, Couples, Groups

How I Do It

60 to 90 Minute In-Person or Online Sessions & Group Based Weekly Trainings

How You Might Benefit

Experience an increasingly more authentic, freer, resilient, and enjoyable life. End chronic, emotional reactivity & emotional causes for physical discomfort. Move out of co-dependent patterns which are at the root of most of our distress, towards a sustaining and fulfilling inter-relational state.  

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