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QSL©, Quantum Social Learning -- and its special language framework, HEAL© ( formerly known as IOLEE ),  is a holistic transdisciplinary practice that assists in:

  • Identifying rigid trauma, conflict, and reactivity patterns which influence the formation of character & choice 

  • Learning how thoughts, feelings and body signals affect overall balance and well-being, individually and relationally; how stuck emotional patterns co-relate to specific sensations within the body

  • Resolving these patterns while fostering an internal culture of resilience & compassion

  • Unlearning internal reactivity by accessing more profound levels of listening to self and others

  • Evolving one's potential through sustaining an open, flexible, yet focused mind, which is in touch with its authenticity, creativity, adaptability, and is relationally invested.

QSL-HEAL guides the experiential understanding of how thoughts, feelings and interoceptive signals affect your life experience. When linked to the body, interoception includes observing signals originating in our vital organs (e.g., heart beating faster) and also those generated in the soft connective tissue or fascia (e.g., contraction, and pain). These interoceptive signals relate to an array of healthy or maladaptive responses. The latter form during highly stressful circumstances in response to conflict, trauma or adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), and overtime create confusion, dysfunction, and even disease. 


We now know that unresolved, chronic psychophysiological distress is a huge factor in developing chronic illnesses or disorders.  Recent global surveys claim that at least 70% of the world population has experienced or will experience a traumatic event in their lives. In truth, most of us are constantly influenced by emotional triggers that relate to incomplete experiences from the past. Through QSL-HEAL one learns to utilize the triggered response to release the stuck kinetic energy of the trauma or ACE from the body and integrate any underlying memories & corresponding emotions. QSL-HEAL is a tool for life and can be used as needed to help restore your system's resilient nature and build adaptive and flexible neural pathways. This leads to the healthy process of updating outdated attitudes & beliefs and evolving from a state of chronic survival into one of thrival.



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